Learning Session & Tour

Learning Session & Tour 03/23/19












Questions, Questions, Questions!

Most of the general public has never talked to a woman experiencing homelessness. The first question people usually ask us at WISEPlace is how do these women end up on the street? Don’t they have family and friends? How do they find their way to WISEPlace?

These and other questions will be answered at our Learning Session on Saturday 3/23 at 11am with Dr. David Snow, lead researcher, author and Sociology Professor at UCI. Come and understand homelessness and how you can help!


Help us spread awareness by sharing this opportunity!

Join us and hear from lead researcher Dr. David A. Snow regarding Women & Homelessness in Orange County. After the learning session, tours of the various WISEPlace programs will be given.
•Free to attend, please RSVP to events@wiseplace.org.
•Share this with a friend and spread awareness and help impact women facing homelessness!


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  • Saturday, March 23rd 11:00 am Learning Session and Tour